Transforming Conflict to Create Sustainable Solutions for People and Wildlife

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Testimonials from Training Participants

“This was a fantastic training with an interesting and awesome group of people. Francine is an amazing facilitator, extremely knowledgeable and patient, and hilarious and fun to be around. The concepts learned and practiced during the workshop will be incredibly useful for in-situ human dimensions of conservation work, as well as for general, interpersonal relationships.” – Samantha Young, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research

“Book this training in right now! I have never been to a course as insightful, interesting and interactive. Francine Madden is the epitome of Ghandi's 'be the change that you want to see in the world' ”Kimmy Wolfenden, Biosecurity Agency, Australia

At the board“What a great experience! I feel privileged to have been able to attend this workshop, and learn from Francine. I believe that this workshop has positively and permanently changed the way I will work with people and deal with conflicts. The entire workshop was well done. I don't remember the last time I was so interested and excited to learn. The group of people was phenomenal, and led to great discussions. Francine's experience and expertise was incredible, and she was a wonderful and motivating teacher. The process design helped to create a trusting environment between the participants. Both the content and the execution of the workshop was way beyond what I had expected coming into it.” – Caitlin Lee-Roney, Yosemite National Park, National Park Service

“The HWCC conservation conflict transformation workshop has truly changed my perception of conflict. I now feel empowered in these conflict situations, whereas before I felt frustrated and overwhelmed. With this training, I now have the tools and confidence to meet my conservation goals. ” – Katie Gilles, Bat Conservation International

“The HWCC workshop was the most relevant and useful workshop I have attended to date. As a participant I felt fully immersed in a process of learning and enhancing my abilities to analyze and transform human wildlife conflict scenarios. I truly walked away from this workshop with a deeper understanding of myself and my role working in the field of human wildlife conflicts. ” – Erin Edge, Defenders of Wildlife, Montana

“I heard all sorts of great things about this workshop, so I figured it would be reasonably good. I read somewhat skeptically how one previous participant wished the workshop were longer. Sure enough, by the last day, I was sad it was ending and would have been really happy had it lasted at least a few more days! The National Park Service does a lot of good things, but we could do a lot more good things a lot better if more NPS employees had and used the skills this workshop teaches. This is a really great and useful training and I can't wait to see what I can accomplish using these skills.” – Jeffrey Trust, Yosemite National Park, US National Park Service

“This is the best training that I've ever taken in my career! I think that anyone who feels that it's a lot of money should do some rethinking. This is the very best investment that any wildlife agency or organization can make in their employees and their effectiveness. I can't wait for the opportunity to put these principles, skills and processes into my human-wildlife management practices!” – Rebecca Christoffel, Iowa State University, Wildlife Extension Officer

“This was a great investment of time, energy, and funds. I learned additional skills for understanding conflict and new skills for affecting change. These are critical in today's world of conservation.” – Christine Browne-Nunez

“I have experience and training in identity-based conflict, but the HWCC course pulled so much together for me and I feel much more confident in my ability to analyze and engage with conflict actors. This course covered theory and principles all wrapped up in an approachable method of realistically transforming conflict. I am so glad I took it and am so much better prepared for the work ahead!” – Scott Parker, 44 Advisement Inc.

“This was an eye-opening experience that really brought home the depth from which conflict springs. I feel better armed to tackle the problem as a whole, and not just partake in a petty fight over the disputes.” – Paul Watler, Cayman National Trust

“HWCC exposed me to a new way to approach human-wildlife conflict, and also gave me the practical tools to apply in the real world. So many times we leave workshops inspired but wondering where to go next. This training left me feeling empowered to actually do something positive in an overwhelming context. I got to meet and work with other practitioners involved in different fields with different species, which gave me an opportunity for a richer learning experience. Francine has the knowledge, experience, and energy to make the entire week one of the best trainings I've ever had.” – Paul Thompson, Ewaso Lions, Kenya

“The workshop is already making a tremendous difference in the way I approach both small and large scale conflicts. While the state-by-state "management" of wildlife in the U.S. creates complex challenges, the workshop provides a framework that can transform conflict at several levels simultaneously. The workshop certainly serves as a catalyst for meaningful wildlife conservation and change.” – Lynn Cullens, Mountain Lion Foundation, California

“I was skeptical of this course because the state agency I work for volunteered me to go, and I thought this was going to be just another conflict resolution course. But afterward, I felt empowered to work through complex social issues and positively change long-standing wildlife-related conflicts within my programs. However, I wish more than just two employees from my organization could have attended; collaborative internal teamwork could then affirm our agency's role of leading conservation efforts by systematically transforming human-wildlife conflicts into conservation opportunities.” – Marc Kenyon, California Fish and Wildlife Agency

“This workshop was quite simply transformative. The consensus was how very useful, in all aspects of life, these skills are and why haven’t we learned them before? Can you imagine if we all had basic knowledge of how to deal productively with conflict instead of the societal predilection to avoid it? It is so new to think of conflict in a positive light, as the opportunity for making change. I was challenged to think so hard by brain hurt and I was exhilarated when the concepts jelled. The case studies where fascinating to tease apart and I learned so much in a week’s time. I appreciated the skilled instruction and facilitation and the hard work of my peers. It was an intense and rewarding week.” – Anne Warner, Conservation Strategies

"This training is fantastic! As an employee of a big conservation NGO, it's taught me to realize my/our role and seek alliances with stakeholders in order to transform conflict and attitudes. I look forward to sharing this with colleagues at work and my MSc classmates." – Carol Bogezi, Wildlife Conservation Society, Uganda

Training participant"Great training about us humans!!" – Peter Lalampaa, Senior Manager, Grevy's Zebra Trust, Kenya

"I came here feeling as though I couldn't walk and now I know I can fly!" Fred Loure Parmelo, Field Officer, Ujamaa Community Resource Team, Tanzania

"You really don't know how much you need this training until you take it. It transformed the way I look at our community conservation work. Bring your team! You won't regret it!" – Lara Foley, WCS, Programme Manager, Tanzania

"This course has transformed me. I'm feeling more empowered. I have gained more tools that make me feel that for next cases I can perform better." – Mbumba Vicente Jane Marufu, Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique

"I'm thrilled by the training and I would like to appreciate it a lot!" – Steven Ekwanga, Wildlife Biologist, Living With Lions, Kenya

"The training is extremely relevant and needed not only by conservationists, but by all stakeholders in Uganda." – Nathan Makurguye, Pro-Biodiversity Conservation in Uganda

Training group"This was the most useful workshop I have attended in 20 years of wildlife conservation...this has helped me enormously!" – Colleen Begg, Project Leader, Niassa Carnivore Project, Mozambique

"This training offered by HWCC truly has the power to be revolutionary. The paradigm shift HWCC is leading will undoubtedly change conservation for the better and I will recommend it to all my colleagues. Thank you!" Kelly Stoner, Botswana Predator Conservation Trust and Fulbright Fellow

"The training opened up my mind and created a sense of direction to various mitigation measures I am implementing in my conservation area." – Odokorwot Walter, Warden, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

"Five very fruitful days and time well spent." – Fred Obiya Mbai, Regional Coordinator, Northern Rangelands Trust, Kenya

"This was the BEST training I have ever experienced -- HANDS DOWN. I have been to several communications, facilitation and conflict resolution trainings and this is by far the most amazing! I was an incredible experience personally and professionally. Francine is a true guru who sets the stage perfectly. I highly recommend and believe our conservation goals would be enriched and our communities transformed if more people in the environmental field took this course." – Jacqueline Kozak Thiel, Communications Coordinator, Hawaii Invasive Species Council

"Incredibly valuable training! Francine brings a deep knowledge of human-wildlife conflict and was able to offer experiences and lessons learned from around the world - all presented in an articulate, professional and most importantly fun and understandable manner. Great job!" Adam Radford, Operations Manager, Maui Invasive Species Committee

"Invaluable! I hope to be a better person and a more effective advocate because of this training." – Marjorie Ziegler, Executive Director, Conservation Council for Hawaii

"This training far exceeded my expectations and the skills I learned will make me a more effective resource manager for years to come. Thank you and Mahalo!" – Matt Brown, Chief of Resources Mgt, Haleakala National Park

"AWESOME training!" Mike Mitchell, Deputy Project Manager, USFWS, Kauai National Wildlife Refuge Complex

"This is everything your parents could not teach you!" – Jamie Wong, Kamehameha Schools

"I came in grumbling that the training was a whole four days. I'm leaving wishing it was longer!" – Darcy Hu, Ecologist, National Parks Service

I wish I had this training thirty years ago! Thank you so much. It was terrific. I learned more than I can say. The interactions with other participants were fascinating and the trainer's ability to guide the group was amazing to see.” Marshall Jones, Senior Conservation Advisor, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and former Deputy Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service

“You don’t realize how much you need this training until you’ve taken it!” Nancy Gloman, VP Field Operations, Defenders of Wildlife

“US National Park Service participants of a recent HWCC training reported that this was among the best trainings they attended and that they wanted to use the training to ‘change the culture of the Park Service.’” Kirsten Leong, NPS

“The knowledge and processes I gained through training is critical to our mission as an organization; I would like to send every person who is part of my organization through the HWCC training course! Camilla Fox, Executive Director, Project Coyote

“As a result of the training, I helped establish a community organization that deals with HWC [and engages] Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) …so we can change the negative attitude people have towards KWS. I have seen remarkably positive responses in every subsequent meeting.” Simon Kasaine, PhD candidate Western Kentucky University

“In my 20 year career, this is the best training I’ve ever attended” Senior Staff, US State Fish and Game Agency

”The workshop was one of the most pertinent workshops I have been privileged to attend…This is a powerful tool to add to any conservationists' toolkit, no doubt.” Monica Wrobel, Wildlife Conservation Society

“I had previously taken a semester-long Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) course. Everyday, I left that course feeling very helpless and that there were no solutions to HWC – there were very few research papers with a happy ending and none of them described a best-practice methodology. The HWCC course was so different. Here, we learned tools that I felt we could actually use and I didn't feel that all HWC situations were hopeless. This course was such a relief.” – Dana Stewart, George Mason University, graduate student

“I feel much more confident about doing research that involves HWC…I participated in a HWCC training course just as I was about to enter the field to assess conflict surrounding wildlife-induced crop losses. Using the tools from the HWCC training I was able to adjust my research methods to better identify the underlying, deep rooted, and identity issues that were integral to the state of conflict. Had I not received this training I might have missed key components of the developing social conflict that threatens 40 years of biodiversity conservation surrounding endangered species on an island in the Caribbean. Using HWCC training not only was my research improved, I was able to make a valuable contribution towards the management of a developing phenomenon that appears to be arising in multiple territories in this priority region of the Neotropics. I cannot emphasize more how critical this training was for my research. I would strongly recommend it to anyone pursuing graduate research related to human conflict involving any aspect of biodiversity conservation and natural resources management…My individual behavior has changed as I now recognize the value of being a third-party neutral and understand the need to apply techniques that better reveal the identity and deep rooted issues that affect HWC and influence attempts at mitigation and resolution.” Leo Douglas, Vice President, BirdsCaribbean

“This training has helped me to better understand deep-rooted conflicts, to identify their symptoms, and to anticipate their impact on conservation projects. Specifically, deep-rooted conflicts often simmer between Tribes and State conservation agencies. While open disputes are rare, they can ignite quickly given a sensitive topic or callous approach. Cooperation between these organizations requires an extended, iterative process that develops trust, builds on common ground, and considers the myriad of socio-cultural, political, and historical trends influencing each stakeholder. My ability to identify sensitive topics, build frameworks for collaboration, and appreciate the time necessary to progress is all based upon HWCC’s training. Cyrus Hester, Project Coordinator for the Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians

“As a result of the training, I allow time for various parties to express their emotional arguments and try to build this into working with stakeholders. I try not to jump too quickly into the solution mode. This has been key as my agency works to address the aftermath (and causes) of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.” Jill Lewandowski, Protected Species Biologist, BOEMRE

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