Transforming Conflict to Create Sustainable Solutions for People and Wildlife

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Francine Madden

Executive Director and Founder
Human-Wildlife Conflict Collaboration

Francine Madden is the co-Founder and Executive Director of HWCC—a global nonprofit organization integrating best practice standards in analyzing and transforming deep-rooted social conflict in the conservation field. Recognizing the “missing link” in conservation practice, Ms. Madden has pioneered efforts to bring expertise and lessons learned from the conflict transformation field (a niche within the peacebuilding field) into the field of wildlife conservation through HWCC. Francine leads HWCC’s Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT) capacity building and conflict intervention work.

By empowering others to apply the principles, processes and skills of CCT, Francine has worked behind the scenes to help people and projects halt wildlife trafficking where it was once rampant, significantly improve community-park and other stakeholder relationships, convince judges to administer harsher sentencing for convicted poachers, increase receptivity for tools that prevent physical conflict, modify land-use planning to reduce and prevent conflict, and dramatically improve overall social receptivity toward and decision-making for wildlife conservation and management on every continent where humans and wildlife coexist.

In the mid-90’s, early in her career, Francine Madden spearheaded and facilitated multi-stakeholder and multi-country efforts to address conflict with mountain gorillas in the mid-90’s in the three African countries (Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda) in which this species exists. Ms. Madden has since counseled governments— from Bhutan to Botswana and from Uganda to the United States, among others—on a variety of human-wildlife conflict tactical, political, managerial, policy, and economic issues related to HWC. Francine has organized and facilitated several significant international HWC events, including the 2004 Bhutan National Tiger Action Plan conference, the HWC workshop at the 5th World Parks Congress in Durban, South Africa, the 2004 World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, and a multi-country conflict mitigation and prevention workshop in Africa. Francine Madden has two masters’ degrees from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University and is the author of numerous publications and presentations on various aspects of human-wildlife conflict, conservation conflict, and social conflict within and about wildlife conservation.

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